Pre-Order Understanding Writing Transfer

Understanding Writing Transfer: Implications for Transformative Student Learning in Higher Education, Edited by Jessie L. Moore and Randall Bass is now available for pre-order from Stylus Publishing.
In their foreword for the collection, Betsy O. Barefoot and John N. Gardner  of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Higher Education write:
Understanding Writing Transfer can be an important tool in helping colleges and universities develop a clearer vision for their goals for student writing not only in the first year, but also across the entire span of undergraduate education. While those goals may differ to some degree by institutional type, the book itself offers a template for any campus to use in cross-campus conversations about writing in the 21st century. These conversations could be designed to develop institution-wide goals for writing, to address issues of technology, to determine appropriate strategies for writing instruction for non-native English speakers, to expose campus employees to existing writing resources on campus, and to explore the importance of connecting writing to high-impact practices such as undergraduate research, study abroad or away, learning communities, internships, and of course, the first-year seminar. Cross-campus conversations can also be a site for sharing what works—the strategies instructors across disciplines are using to help students understand appropriate writing in specific disciplinary and professional contexts. This book offers a number of such strategies that can be valuable to readers.”