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Understanding Writing Transfer: Implications for Transformative Student Learning in Higher Education, edited by Jessie L. Moore and Randall Bass is now available from Stylus Publishing.

While education is based on the broad assumption that what one learns here can transfer over there – across critical transitions –
what do we really know about the transfer of knowledge?

The question is all the more urgent at a time when there are pressures to “unbundle” higher education to target learning particular subjects and skills for occupational credentialing to the
detriment of integrative education that enables students to make connections and integrate their knowledge, skills and habits of mind into a adaptable and critical stance toward the world.

This book – the fruit of two-year multi-institutional studies by 45 researchers from 28 institutions in five countries – identifies enabling practices for, and five essential principles about, writing transfer that should inform decision-making by all higher education stakeholders about how to generally promote the transfer of knowledge.


Linda Adler-Kassner
Brooke Barnett
Kathleen Blake Yancey
Diane E. Boyd
Dana Lynn Driscoll
Cecilia Dube
Alison Farrell
Peter Felten
Rebecca Frost Davis
Mary Goldschmidt
Gwen Gorzelsky
Carol Hayes
Ed Jones
Sandra Kane
Francois Masuka
Nicolette Mercer
Kevin Morrison
Woody Pelton
Liane Robertson
Steve Salchak
Kara Taczak
Elizabeth Wardle
Carmen M. Werder