Praise for Understanding Writing Transfer

“I felt inspired as I read this book, finding myself scribbling in the margins of nearly every chapter the names of campus colleagues who will want to read and discuss this work.  Not only does Understanding Writing Transfer include a wealth of superb empirical research, it also offers a capacious vision of the importance of writing transfer within the future of higher education.  These essays invite readers to think critically about their own pedagogical practices (on personal and institutional levels) and to reimagine the possibilities for intentional, integrative teaching and learning.”

Rebecca Nowacek, Associate Professor, and Director of the
Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center, Marquette University

“If we want higher education to be more than one damned course after another, or a series of ‘competencies, ‘earned’ in isolation and in no particular order, we need concepts and practices that promise and deliver coherence, that enable ‘students to integrate their knowledge, skills, and habits of mind into an adaptable and critical stance toward the world’ (Bass, 145). Understanding the nature and value of writing transfer and its intrinsic relationship to this kind of learning has never been more salient. Moore, Bass and their colleagues present the essential principles of ‘writing transfer/learner-centered’ programs and institutions and outline a coherent path for future growth. This is a book for forward-thinking administrators and instructors dedicated to transformative student learning.”

Anthony A. Ciccone, Professor Emeritus, Past President, International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning